First Birthday Snow-a-thon

More adventurous fun was had. This time at JJ’s house – on his first birthday! We started out sledding gently down the driveway as a warm up. Then moved to the long long long Hart Rd sled run. After that walk back up it was time for a break and birthday cupcakes! And then out came the food coloring in squirt bottles for snow-art fun. And a fire. Then someone started a snowball fight and chaos ensued! (no pictures of the snowball fight as the photographer was fully engaged in the snow battle) And then tree climbing. Up up up. Fun!

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Adventure School meets The Anarchy Zone!

Here we are, enjoying a crisp fall day at the “world famous” Anarchy Zone at the Ithaca Children’s Garden…

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Nobles Hill Adventure Day

This gallery contains 43 photos.

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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

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Fun times at Forest and Cyrus’s (and Akiva and Megan)

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Week 3; Fool’s Hill Farm

This Tuesday was a wonderfully beautiful fall day. The kind that reminds me why it’s my favorite season. Cool enough in the morning to wear a favorite sweater and warm enough by noon to make you want to take it off!

We gathered for adventure at Fool’s Hill Farm, greeted by a honking, squalking, clucking, gobbling flock of feathered friends.


As our largest group yet gathered to walk to the pond, the wagon was filled and log piles scaled with much laughter and smiles.


Down by the pond we discovered the outdoor stage, or jungle gym, perfect for jumping from…


and crawling under!

We found ropes to pull…

and shovels for digging in the rocks!


We stayed by the pond for a while enjoying the sunshine as the day warmed up.


We decided to have our picnic snack there,


And discovered the bush by the pond was ripe with ‘autumn olives,’ a perfect addition to snacktime!


While investigating the water, Leila noticed something. “I see something! I think it’s a bone.” She fished it out, and it was!!


and we were off to adventure in the woods. The Nobles’ Hill Gang led the way.


We saw a lot of very tall trees, Makana wondered, “Maybe that’s the tallest one!?!”

Then we found this:


Treehouse in progress; perfect for climbing!


“Up! Up! Up! Up! Up! OK!?!,” exclaimed Coulter as he scaled the spiral ladder.


Logs to balance on were found and hiding holes discovered.


There were excellent spots for stump jumping, too! We could have easily stayed all day! Thanks, Fool’s Hill, for a great adventure, we already can’t wait to come again!


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Another Week, Another Adventure

On Thursday we gathered at Gretchen & Ryan’s, ready to adventure and excited about the beautiful weather. We met some new adventurers and helped Ryan build the bonfire before gathering in a circle for a little yoga with Daura. Stretching to the sky, we greeted the sun, sang a song and warmed up our bodies for a ‘walk’ in the woods. 


The first stop for some was in the garden,


Emmy found and picked some nice, green tomatoes to fill her pocket!


Passing through the meadow, Coulter and Taryn tried ‘planting’ some long leaves of grass they found.


Then into the woods we went!


There were things to look at and explore all around us and many logs to climb over.


We heard what sounded like a waterfall, scrambled up a dry creekbed and circled back around to the house for our lunchtime picnic.


We found a tree missing some bark, so we could feel the smooth wood inside. 


“There was a mushroom on a log,” said Forest.


Alden, “I played in the creek, but there was no water in it!”

Nimah, “We were stuck in thorns so we pushed them away.” 


Taryn, “I played at Coulter’s house!”

Next week: Fool’s Hill Farm! We can’t wait!

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Day two diehards




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More Creeeekday Adventure pix

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The First Adventure Tuesday

The first Tuesday of the Adventure School Group’s 2012-13 school year began with much anticipated excitement.


As the first adventurers showed up to play, so did a tiny, baby chipmunk!

The morning was chilly, but Nick had a bonfire going to welcome everyone.

We walked down to the creek, fished and climbed all over the rocks.

Then we took a nice, long walk up the creek and found more fallen trees to climb on.

Some of the folks scrambled through the woods back to the house,

while the others walked back down the creek.

We ended the morning with a picnic in the sun to dry us out!!

“JJ chased, and pet, and chased again the chipmunk we saw.”

Taryn, “I caught a fish”

Coulter, “I was fishing too!”

Alden, “I got a fish too. I just holded on and one bite-ed onto it!”

Nimah, “We got WET!”

“EmmyLou touched the fish in the bowl.”

Amani, “I was holding the fish.”

Alden, “I was holding the fish too!”

“JJ tasted lots of rocks and dipped his toes in the water. He also touched a fish.”

We all had a wonderful morning! Can’t wait for next Tuesday’s Adventure!!

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